U.S. Military Veterans in Police Law EnforcementU.S. Military Veterans - Civilian Law Enforcement Needs YOU! Here are Resources and Information to Help Returning U.S. Veterans Enter Police Work and Learn, Succeed and Achieve Promotion in Their Careers!

Find YOUR Police Job! Here is Important Information for U.S. Veterans Competing to Enter Civilian Law Enforcement!

Many law enforcement agencies - police and sheriff's departments - have demonstrated a firm commitment to military veterans through specific recruitment practices that target individuals with military experience - U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps or U.S. Coast Guard - as well as policies that make it feasible to continue your career in all branches of Reserve and Guard forces.

Most important, it is NOT ENOUGH for an agency to say "we support our troops" or "we actively recruit returning veterans." Look for more! Look for police agencies that not only actively recruit military veterans BUT ALSO show visible and lasting support for you while you are a member.

Here are things you should look for, ask about and carefully consider in a police or sheriff's department as a returning veteran interested in a police career;

  • Veteran's preference points on entry level exams.
  • Veteran's preference points on promotional exams.
  •  Ability to "buy" or "earn" your military service time toward the time needed for special assignment, advancement, promotion and eventual retirement.
  • What percentage of their current police force has military experience and were hired as returning U.S. Military veterans? If 20% or more, you know the agency has truly made the effort to hire and promote military veterans.
  •  Does the agency, local government or state have specific WRITTEN laws or rules that govern how your time as a U.S. service veteran is used to your benefit? For instance, many State Statutes give returning U.S. Veterans specific preference in law enforcement hiring and promotion. What about your state? ASK!
  • Reserve Friendly - the police agency will adapt your schedule and allow needed time off for Reserve and Guard duty.
  • Visible support and pride - many agencies allow and ecourage you to wear your service ribbons on your dress or even your reguar duty uniform to show other agency members, the community and members of other police agencies the pride they have in your military service.
  • Transitioning from U.S. Military Service to civilian law enforcement is not always easy. Does the agency assign special personnel and training officers with military transition experience to help make your transition easier?
  • DON'T just look at the agencies nearby military bases and facilities! Sure, those agencies have a lot to offer - San Antonio, San Diego and Colorado Springs police departments are great examples. BUT - competition for positions in these large agencies is also very strong. Even your home town police department may openly welcome a returning U.S. Military Veteran into their police agency. YOU have a lot to offer - actively search and ask questions!
  • Don't forget! ASK THE ABOVE QUESTIONS of law enforcement recruiters looking for returning U.S. Veterans, and look for straight answers before making this very important life decision!
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